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President & CEO

A natural social media enthusiast, Jeff began exploring the world of digital media in his teens. At the age of 18, he launched Mid-Michigan’s first social media agency and has worked in the ever-changing field ever since. In his spare time, DeHaven founded Social Mitten, an annual statewide social media conference attended by marketing professionals from across the region. He currently serves as president of the Great Lakes Bay Social Media Club, producer of Geek Breakfast-Great Lakes Bay, board member for the Social Media Association of Michigan, podcast producer, forum leader and online contributor.


Analytics Strategist

John knows social media delivers financial results. His expertise stems from working with brands such as General Motors, Samsung, Chuck E. Cheese and Bob Evans. Now he’s sharing that experience with Digital Mitten, bringing new life to traditional marketing in the digital world.


Creative Designer

Brad has an extensive background in graphic design and visual communication, as well as front-end digital development. Brad gravitates towards the place where design and development meet. He knows how to ease pressure on both sides of a project to help streamline production. Brad has had the pleasure of working for many great companies through the years including Dow Chemical, Fossil and Match.com. When not designing, he enjoys reading, running in various races, roasting his own coffee, and spending time with his wife and two kids.


User Experience

Trent is an avid user of social media/networking tools and has watched digital media evolve into the powerhouse it is today. As a 20-something, he brings much-needed understanding to the elusive millennial demographic. His passion for marketing, advertising and aesthetics make him a highly valued asset.


Multimedia Technician

Dan loves anything to do with cameras, microphones and drones. With extensive training in television and digital media production, Dan takes tremendous pride in the work he creates for clients. Dan is always pushing the envelope with innovative ideas for video production and photography.


Content Creator

Beth is a storyteller. As an award-winning journalist, she knows how to find the heart of any story. She loves asking questions and helping folks tell their tales. Her stories are often used on websites, social media, blogs and magazines to show the world what makes businesses and nonprofits so special. So what’s your story?


Technology Integrator

Since he was 13 years old, Tim has been intrigued and passionate about technology. You'll find him first in line to try the latest gadgets and there's not much that can stump him. Tim has earned rare Apple & Microsoft certifications. Over the years, he's had the opportunity to service almost every industry -- including former President George W. Bush.

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